Grow Your Brand Fast Using Instagram Reels

Since Reels was introduced two years ago, it has become Instagram’s fastest-growing feature, competing with other short-form video platforms like TikTok.

What exactly are Instagram Reels? They are full-screen vertical videos that can be up to one-and-a-half minutes long. With many unique editing tools and a wide array of audio tracks to use, it lets you create short-form video content that you can share with your Instagram followers or even the entire IG community if your account is public.

Short-Form Video: The Key to Your Marketing Success in 2022

Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours. Once you post a Reel, it’ll be available on Instagram until you delete it.

But how do you use this feature in business marketing strategy? Dive into this article to know how IG reels could effectively promote your brand and business in the most creative and trendy way.

5 Quick Steps to Create Instagram Reels

Before using IG Reels to promote your business, first, you need to learn how to create one.

1. Access Reels

The very first step of creating Reels. Simply open your IG app and head to your profile page. Tap the plus sign icon at the top right of your screen and select Reel. You can make a shortcut by swiping left to the IG camera and selecting Reel from the bottom option.

2. Record and upload your video clip

There are two options for creating a Reel – by capturing footage in real-time and by uploading a video clip from your camera roll. You can watch, trim, or delete the previous clip you recorded by tapping Edit Clips.

3. Edit your Reel

Once you have uploaded or taken your video clips, you can add stickers, drawings, and text to personalize your Reel. There are built-in creative tools that allow you to edit your clips from one interface. These editing features include audio, length, speed, layout, timer, dual, and alignment.

4. Adjust Reel settings

When you are done with the video editing, you can edit your Reel cover by choosing a specific frame from the video or adding an image from your camera roll. You can also add a caption and tag people in your Reel.

5. Post your Reel

After adjusting your settings, tap the Share button at the bottom of the page to post your first Reel.

5 Effective Ways to Advertise Via Instagram Reels

Now that you know how to create Reels, let’s move on to some tactics on how this feature helps popularize your brand.

1. Know the algorithm

No matter how trendy and creative your Reels are, if you can’t have them boosted by Instagram’s algorithm, chances are they will end up at the back of the line. The algorithm is the all-knowing matchmaker that a social media platform uses to sort posts in a user’s timeline based on relevance instead of publishing time. Knowing the Reels algorithm can help you get more views from the Explore page and Reels tab.

2. Keep up with trending audio

It is not a coincidence that every time you scroll through Reels or Tiktok, there is a specific sound or track that users similarly use on top of their videos. When you use a trending sound for your video, it will help you get more views because users often search by sounds. It is important to keep up with the popular sounds and make note of any of it the next time you scroll through Reels.

3. Avoid aggressive sales

As much as you want to directly offer your products, the reality is that most users don’t scroll through social media platforms just to see ads. It might actually annoy them sometimes. They turn to Instagram to explore new ideas and connect with others in between breaks. That is what your Reels should provide them. Create contents that entertain and ultimately captures your potential viewers.

But this should not stop you from turning your Reels into ads. You need to prioritize getting more visibility by boosting those wholesome yet non-salesly posts.

4. Post consistently

Consistency is among the best things to establish credibility on any social media platform. Also, the more posts you have, the higher chance of one of them going viral. Moreover, being consistent with posts will turn the Instagram algorithm in your favor.

5. Collaborations

Instagram has recently added a new feature called Collabs. It allows you to share credit with another creator and lets them share the Reel from their pages like their own. Additionally, this feature allows you to extend your reach to the entire following of your influencer partners, raking tons of views and engagements.

Perfect Timing to Post Reels on Instagram

Learning the online behaviors of most of your target audience will let you know the perfect time to post on Instagram Reels. Catching them on their most active time means further reach and engagement of your product.

However, each and every one has a different ideal posting time. For some users, their ideal posting time is between 9 a.m. and noon, from Monday to Thursday. While some audiences may scroll later, earlier, or more on the weekends.

Still, the best way to catch your potential target audience’s attention is to make your Reels delightful, informative, and entertaining altogether.