5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Should Try in 2022

5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends You Should Try in 2022-thumbnail

Social media for businesses is not simply just about showing your brand and selling products and services. It is also a powerful tool for building connections, sprouting inspiration, and strengthening relationships. After what the world has been through with the COVID-19 global pandemic these past years, we could easily prove how social media has shaped how we communicate and connect with other people – whether they are your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even businesses.

And for social media to be effective and helpful for your business, connecting to your audience should be a primary objective of your social media plan. In order to do this right, you need to speak to them in a language they understand – maximizing interactive and visual platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This is where the important role of graphic design comes in.

In this article, you will find a closer look at graphic design and see how you can use these trends to boost your online presence.

Top 5 Social Media Graphic Design Trends in 2022

Overall, creative pragmatism is the trend of all trends this 2022. This consists of a bold, expressive, yet purposeful design. Here is how it will look on social media.

1. Y2K Zine

The Y2K nostalgia is the way to the hearts of your younger audiences. And Y2K zines are not your average magazine-inspired graphics. These lean much more on youthfulness, while taking “editorial” to the next level.

You will see in these designs the use of experimental frames, flashy layouts, and playful fonts that pay homage to the zine culture. The designs are bold and expressive and have the perfect style to cater to the Gen Z social media market. Try this style on your next infographics and social media ads.

2. UI Digitalism

User interface or UI is the core of human-computer interaction and communication in the device. It is the most basic tool for digital communication. Going a step further in social media, UI digitalism creates art out of digital user interfaces.

It takes elements such as text messages, search bars, pop-ups, and social media interfaces, and turns them into art that is familiar to everyone exposed to cyberspace. This makes UI digitalism fool-proof across all ages and generations.

3. 90s Retro

The 90s retro style is all about the psychedelic style, inspired by surrealism and the hippie movement. Now, they are being revived with a new purpose as they carry brand messages online.

With this trend, expect to see eccentric, fun, and hand-drawn styles. There will be authentic and bold messages. And a wild use of stickers, icons, and smileys will dominate the digital landscapes. You can apply this whether it’s through product packaging, social media posts, or even flyers to distribute for brand awareness.

4. Dreamy Gradients

Do you want to tone it down and keep it simple? Try dreamy and trendy gradient designs for your next social media campaign. These graphics are soothing for the eyes, with the soft blending of colors, balance in tones, and abstract shapes. Nothing crazy and easily balanced. If you want to use powerful colors, you can do so by balancing them out with minimalist graphics and clean font faces.

5. Character illustrations

Communicating your story, brand, and values are best done through scenario illustrations and relatable characters. Remember, it’s all about being authentic and building connections on social media.

Applying creative pragmatism means evolving from flat icons by putting more life into the illustrations with 3D and 2D graphics. This mashup between two styles brings spontaneity and authenticity to illustrations. These can also be applied in video formats.

Be True to Your Identity

To wrap up our take on the graphic design trends that will dominate social media and online platforms this 2022, let us go back to how these came about. As the world continues to experience the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effects, we could see that everyone is thirsty for connection and inspiration. These trends are all about going back to what’s familiar, as it brings comfort. It also explores boldness and dream-like states, as it could be a form of escapism.

On the final note, you do not have to try all of these trends. It all boils down to creating graphic designs that resonate with your target audience, whether these are in the form of infographics, annual reports, product catalogs, quote cards, presentations, or short-form videos. The rule of thumb to connect with your online audience is to start with posts that are entertaining, relatable, and fun.

From nostalgic fonts to 3D illustrations, there are more than enough graphic design elements to capture your target audience this year. Just stay true to your brand identity and the message that you want to deliver to your audience, whether it is trendy or not.