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Marketin24/7 is a by product of expertise and passion.

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Expertise — A total of 12 years of solid experience in marketing, helping organizations of various industries to grow in their field and overcome development challenges posed by the ever-evolving market landscape.

Passion — Driven to help Asian businesses thrive in the American and world market by providing topnotch marketing services, that are multilingual and multicultural.

Marketin24/7 started with the realization of its Founder and CEO, Kim Hoang during her years working for enterprises that Asian companies, especially small ones have a harder route penetrating the US market. She observed that the barrier to be successful lies in the language and culture, which is immensely different. She thought that by solving these challenges, Asian businesses will be more competitive in every aspect.

From a realization, it became a dream. Kim dreamt of establishing a marketing vehicle for Asian businesses to ride on and that was the birth of Marketin24/7.

Results and achievements

The Founder

Kim Hoang is an experienced Marketing Strategist and a self-made Entrepreneur. She graduated from Duke University for Digital Media and Marketing, earned a BA in Economics and Psychology from UCI. She worked in the corporate world for 12 years and has collaborated with talented and experienced professionals in all field of marketing, from creative productions (videographer, photographer), traditional (TV, radio, outdoor, event, etc.) to digital marketing fields and prepare a full team to support the needs of businesses.

Kim believes that every business has a niche market and a unique method to do effective marketing. That marketing execution always has to come from knowing the business landscape, company’s resources and potentials, and a well-planned strategy to lower cost and achieve better results.

She further believes that marketing should be reviewed and adjusted regularly to adapt to the rapidly changing market and the company’s situation.