Google Ads Releases New Ad Features

Google Ads Releases New Ad Features

Online giant Google rolled out new advertising updates to close out the 2019’s first quarter with a bang. These new updates from Google Ads allow businesses to showcase their ads and offers that appear on pages, feeds, and searches. This means greater prominence and visibility for their product offerings. 

On the consumer’s end, these new features will provide easy access to product recommendations and business offerings. This will enable them to smartly shop for products via image results and enjoy the latest promotions and discounts.

Here’s a rundown of these latest updates:

Google Offers

Business profiles can now take advantage of showcasing the latest offerings on Google. This will help businesses to make prominent their sales activities or ongoing promotions while making customers to find deals faster.

The revamped layout highlights at the top of the profile the newest deals when a customer is viewing the business page. Much like a dedicated space for promotional activities. Businesses can line-up a maximum of ten offers at a time.

According to Google, adding an offer is easy in Google My Business App. Just categorize your post as an offer and it will instantly appear on your page.

Finding excellent deals has never been this easy with this added feature on Google Offers. Help people find your best offers and gain traction like never before.

This update is available in both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).

Google My Business

Shoppable Ads

The growing preferential of online shoppers for visual presentation of products has lead Google to upgrade the user experience when using Google Images to their shopping.

First Google launched Shopping ads in 2018 to provide advertisers a better way to reach shoppers looking for visual inspirations. This lets businesses to promote brands and products using beautiful imagery, descriptions and relevant promotions

Now, Google followed through by innovating Shoppable Ads within Google Images to help businesses further connect with consumers. This new ad format allows a business to showcase multiple products for sale within their paid ad on Google Images results. 

“We’re currently testing this on a small percentage of traffic with select retailers, surfacing on broad queries like “home office ideas”, “shower tile designs”, and “abstract art”, discussed Google. “We’ll continue to roll this out to more categories across more retailers over the next few months,” they added. 

Facebook Collection Ads

How it Works

Go to Google Images and type in a query. Let’s say home office ideas. You will be presented with image results to explore about arranging your home office. Scroll down through the images, hover the cursor over a sponsored ad with the price tag, and see the items for sale, including prices, brand, and more.

Google Images offers businesses a great way to showcase their offerings through a more inspirational and rich visual experience. This creates a better shopping experience for consumers.

With the release of these two new ad features, businesses will have to take advantage of implementing these into their advertising efforts to reap better results when it comes to traffic, lead, conversions, and ultimately sales. Google Ads just keep on finding ways to serve businesses and consumers alike. So, watch out for more updates. We’ll keep an eye on them for you!

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