Google Ads Rebranding and Innovations of 2018

Google Ads Rebranding and Innovations of 2018

When Google rebranded its advertising products from AdWords to Google Ads last year, it signaled the rollout of changes and innovations for the online marketers’ benefit. Google pioneered AdWords in the turn of the 21st century when Internet use proliferated. And after 18 years, it called for rebranding in response to the dynamic business atmosphere brought to by complex technological advancements coupled by the changing behaviors of internet users, businesses and consumers alike.

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google Ads and Commerce senior vice president, the rebranding is not just only a name change but moreso setting the direction of where their product is moving. It is also to consolidate the plethora of their ad products which Google founded and acquired through the years into the Google Ads brand. Aside from Google Ads, two new advertising solutions were introduced by Google in 2018, the Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. Let’s find out more.

Google Ads Rebranding and Innovations of 2018

The new Google Ads

Google now offers a full range of advertising capabilities with Google Ads to aid marketers in connecting with billions of people using and other Google properties, partner sites, and apps.

Google had small businesses in mind with Google Ads through a new campaign type that will help them to easily get started with online advertising. The machine learning technology of Google Ads is made available to small businesses to help them run their marketing and compete with bigger players.

Collaborate with Google Marketing Platform

The unification of the DoubleClick Advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite into Google Marketing Platform means stronger collaboration for marketing teams. This is in response to client feedbacks that using ads and analytics together helped them better understand their customers which resulted in better business for them. The Google Marketing Platform is geared to help marketers plan, purchase, assess, and optimize digital media and customer experience.

With this new platform, the DoubleClick Bid Manager is changed to Display & Video 360 with improved capabilities for creative, data, and media teams to collaborate on end-to-end marketing campaigns. Display & Video 360 features five integrated modules to manage campaign processes namely Campaigns, Audiences, Creatives, Inventory, and Insights.

Collaborate with Google Marketing Platform

The Unified Google Ad Manager

The previously known DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange were integrated into the new Google Ad Manager, a complete advertising platform to help businesses earn more and grow revenue regardless of the method of selling. 

DoubleClick Ad Exchange Overview

This unified programmatic solution enables advertising businesses to earn money more efficiently wherever people consume and engage content, such as watching videos or playing games.

These major changes in Google ad products in 2018 also paved the way for more innovations in doing online marketing and advertising. So, this 2019 is an exciting year for Google Ads users to implement these innovations:

  1.   SmartGoals

SmartGoals help advertisers leverage site visits that are likely to convert users and identify campaign priorities. These goals include Location, Device and Browser, Pages per Session, and Session Duration.

  1.   TrueView In-stream Ads

Google Ads launched in April 2018 the skippable TrueView Ads to run on videos served on YouTube or other sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). Viewers are given the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds or to continue watching the ad. The latter will increase view count or when a viewer engages with the video ad. Video interactions include a link to the website, call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners. This innovation increases brand awareness and allows advertisers to pay through a CPM method or cost per thousand views when previously they have to pay on a cost per view (CPV) basis.

  1.   Video Format Ads

Formerly shopping ads display could only be thru the use of images to promote products but in 2018, Google Ads added a new capability of using a video format of the ads to improve user engagement. Clicking the ad will lead to the full video that will give advertisers more opportunity to sell their products.

  1.   Ad Position Metrics

This capability is very important for advertisers in understanding their ad position on search results. In November 2018, Google rolled out metrics to measure Impression (Absolute Top%), Impressions (Top%), Search (Absolute TOP%) Impression Share, and Search (Top%) Impression Share that will enable advertisers to understand where their ads are really showing.

  1.   Parallel Tracking

Verifying clicks from paid ads was never easy until the Parallel Tracking capability of Google Ads came out in 2018. This new method directly sends the customers from the ad to the final URL, while simultaneously recording the clicks. When before there is a middle phase of sending the customers first from the ad to tracking URLs before the final URL. The overarching goal of this method is to improve the user’s experience when viewing ads and visiting the websites, thus also improving ad performance and reducing lost visits.

  1.   Improved Exact Match

The exact match facility of Google Ads became more versatile and intuitive in 2018 by suggesting similar variants to the searched keywords, making it more “exact”. This enables ads to be reached even with only similar meaning (implied, same intent, and paraphrased) being searched.

  1.   Responsive Search Ads

This facility of Google ads also utilizes the machine learning feature where advertisers can use multiple combinations of headlines and descriptions in a single ad. Therefore, this will improve an ad’s searchability. A maximum of 15 different headlines and four descriptions can be used by a marketer rather than creating several ads.

Google Ads rebranding proved to be not only a namesake but also a retooled and powered version that should be maximized by marketers in the vast and stiff competition in online advertising. Take a look at implementing these innovations in your ads and campaigns as you start 2019.


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