6 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Crack the American Market

6 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Crack the American Market

Introducing a brand, product, or service out in the world or in a new marketplace is always a big deal. This applies whether you are introducing a whole new business or brand, or an upgrade to an existing one. How you launch into a market can be the difference between success and failure.

Properly and thoroughly planning what you offer is what matters most in business, and no amount of clever marketing can make up for it if you skip a thoughtful plan. Having said that, your product or service, no matter how top-notch it is, will most likely be undermined or ignored by your target market without a well-conceived launch and marketing strategy.

Why Most Brands Fail

In the world of business, failure is a norm rather than an exception. In fact, 80% of the brands that launch into the U.S. market fail in their first year. The intuitive answer to why this happens is to doubt the quality of the product itself, or maybe the market is not ready yet for what is being introduced.

However, looking at it in detail shows that these failures happen because of the lack of a smart, powerful marketing strategy at the early stages of brand conceptualization and planning. This stems from a crucial misconception that in a business, all that matters is the product or service as if it will sell itself. So if you want to venture into the American market with your brand, you have to start thinking from the customers’ perspective. This is what you call real marketing.

Here’s How to Market Your Brand:

1. Unique and strong branding

At the surface level, one may think that no brand can be truly unique anymore due to the influx of content and information in the online world. On the other hand, no brand can be fully replicated because of the combination of different factors (such as tone, messaging, and image) that could make your brand memorable and authentic. By adding your personal flavor, you can separate your brand from others, from the moment you launch.

6 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Crack the American Market

2. Online presence

The best and most cost-efficient way to do this is through online platforms. About two-thirds of Americans have social media profiles that they use on a daily basis.

You can use the special interaction features of different social media platforms to reach out to your audience. For instance, there are roughly eight million marketers on Facebook. The vast majority of which is from small and medium-sized enterprises.

You may also generate prospect leads by attracting people to your digital space through online content. In fact, about 96% of online browsers who land on different websites are not ready to buy. To clinch into this audience focus on content and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

6 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Crack the American Market

3. Valuable content

Unless you are Apple, Nike, or Pepsi, people won’t be aware of your brand from the get-go.  In this age of information, people are consuming more and more content each day, luring people into your brand using valuable content is a smart and popular strategy.

Nearly 40% of marketers find content marketing as a very important part of their marketing strategy. Following this, most businesses use web traffic in measuring success for marketing strategies. You can focus on SEO, using the right keywords that your target audience is interested in, to make your brand known to online consumers.

Marketing services nowadays have mastered how to maximize online platforms to attract more audience and make them actual customers.

4. Storytelling

People buy from people. You need to get personal in order to capture your online audience. Connect to them by identifying yourself with their emotions and interests.

One of the most effective ways to make it personal is to collaborate with warm-bodied online influencers who can candidly vouch for or review your products or services.

5. Giveaways

Build brand awareness and connect to your potential customers by being generous with small presents — at least every now and then. This could be in the form of big discounts, going on sale, having free trials, or giving complimentary gifts. This also gives your target market an opportunity to experience your products and services, even before purchasing them.

6 Powerful Ways for Your Brand to Crack the American Market

6. Connection with customers

It is more efficient to keep old customers than to get a new one; so when you launch, be on the mindset of getting hold of the market and expanding it further.

Link to customers by getting their feedback and ratings on your brand. Allow their experience to be shared and heard to build trust and credibility with them and with their immediate communities. Make your messaging and information for your audience intentional, educational, and helpful.

Next Steps

In order to achieve your primary goals, be consistent in maintaining and enriching your existing marketing strategies. As you expand to new markets here in the U.S., make sure to prioritize refining your offering above all.

There is no universal rule book or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula in introducing your brand to a new market. The strategies that worked for other businesses might not work in yours. This is why you need experts who could assist you in identifying your marketing goals, crafting strategic marketing plans, and implementing them.

Tap Marketin247 to help you come up with creative campaigns that are aligned with your brand’s identity. This is done through professional assessments and digital marketing tools to make sure you are delivering the best for your brand.

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