5 Key Tracks Facebook Ads is Heading this 2020

5 Key Tracks Facebook Ads is Heading this 2020

5 Key Tracks Facebook Ads is Heading this 2020

Being the top social media network in the world, Facebook has been a go-to website for marketers to promote their businesses and advertise their offerings.

Who wouldn’t? With an average of 1.49 billion users worldwide who log onto Facebook daily (Facebook DAU, September 2018) and nearly 10 million likes and shares per day (Facebook, October 2018), it’s a no-brainer to neglect the golden opportunities being served by Facebook to businesses, small and large scale alike.Facebook Ads

With this at the helm of Facebook’s shoulders, it continually evolves into a marketing platform and communication channel for businesses. Facebook Ads in this prospect is always a game-changer and a competition driver.

Now, ride at the passenger’s seat and we’ll drive you to the course Facebook Ads is taking this 2019. Fasten your seatbelt, here we go!

Track 001: Advertising Automation

Automation and Artificial Intelligence have been buzzwords across various industries, this to include advertising. Manual tasks such as bidding, keywords optimization, reporting, and the likes are now being automated thru machine learning and AI. Facebook Ads took a leap of incorporating automation thru their PPC campaigns and adopting new ad categories like Dynamic Ads.

With Dynamic Ads, Facebook will automate your campaign by just uploading your product catalog and setting a time frame to run the campaign. Dynamic Ads will then automatically show the right products to people who previously visited your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet.

This means that you find the right people for your specific product or service without you doing the dirty work.

Track 001: Advertising Automation

Track 002: Facebook Stories and Augmented Reality Ads

The power of imagery in social media has proved to be very effective in attracting users to view and engage to posts. For instance, the success of Instagram is relative to its nature of being image-driven, and more recently when it utilized videos and stories. With this success, Facebook has also gone on board with Stories in 2018 and in 2019 will surely roll out more tools and features to engage its users, especially its business clients.

Facebook Stories Ads

As Mark Zuckerberg puts it, “One of the interesting opportunities and challenges over the coming years will be making sure that ads are as good in Stories as they are in feeds. If we don’t do this well, then as more sharing shifts to Stories, that could hurt our business.” So, expect Facebook to go big with Stories Ads in 2019. Plus, they have announced that they intend to make Stories Ads unskippable, which is a great opportunity for advertisers to reach their target market.

Facebook Stories Ads

Augmented Reality Ads

Facebook Ads is also utilizing in 2019 the use of Augmented Reality to allow users to virtually interact with the product, making it more engaging and entertaining. This will work as a “tap to try” button where users can try the product like sunglasses, hair colors, and makeup and see if it suits them. This would be a tool for businesses to make instant conversions, from visitors to buyers.

Playable Ads

Facebook has also introduced recently Playable Ads for the benefit of businesses in the app game category. This feature will allow users to try the game first before making a decision to buy.

Track 003: Cross-Channel Advertising

When before advertisers only use Google for PPC advertising and traditional search campaigns because it hosts the biggest audience in the world wide web, now Facebook is also a go-to place for them. They utilize both mediums for higher customer conversion rate. This is because Google and Facebook naturally complement each other.

Track 004: Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is a marketing concept being utilized by businesses to target various markets by classifying them demographically, behaviourally, buying patterns and other such classification. This is a strategy effective for advertising campaigns and marketing activities to directly hit the target audiences.Facebook Ads

This 2020, advertising on Facebook will also employ audience segmentation to better understand customers and provide them with their preferences. A 20-100 audience segment is recommended to create diversity.

Track 005: Creative Compass Arrival

The effectiveness of an ad is determined usually after the fact when all has been done and the value returned would measure how effective it is. This is not the case anymore as Facebook is now at the testing stage of the Creative Compass, an ad performance tool to pre-test an advertisement before it goes live.

The Creative Compass measures key factors for an ad to perform well, such as visual impact and brand soundness. Also, more advanced factors like fit and emotional reward are also being tested. The much-awaited debut of Creative Compass could happen this 2019 and could be a game-changer for Facebook advertisers.

Get ahead of the competition by driving your way to maximize these 5 important features Facebook will roll out this 2020.

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